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Concept Artist for AAA Games job

Posted: April 26, 2006
subject: Concept Artist for AAA Games , Semag

Semag is looking for Concept Artist for AAA Games

Job details: We are seeking a highly talented and motivated Concept Artist, to help create the vision of their Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3 console projects.

Solid experience with Photoshop/Painter etc.
Excellent fine art skills (mixed media, sculpture etc).
Firm understanding of colour theory & lighting.
Extensive knowledge of human anatomy.
Ability to illustrate concepts quickly.
Strong artistic, written, and, verbal communication skills.
Must be professional, responsible & proactive.
Strong interpersonal skills.

Previous games experience. (TV/Film background also considered).
Storyboarding experience.

This role is based in the North East of England

Location: NE England


email - ben@semag.co.uk
phone - +44 (0) 208 1234803
web site - http://www.semag.co.uk
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