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Lead Animators job

Posted: April 25, 2006
subject: Lead Animators , Spark Unlimited, Inc.

Spark Unlimited, Inc. is looking for Lead Animators
duration - Full Time

Job details: Lead Animators Responsibilities:
Manage the daily operations of animation. Serve as key point person of the department.
Scheduling milestones after careful discussion with other leads and directors.
Collaborate with Animation Director of Spark as the direction is being set for Style of animation, Quality bar, Technology and Tools and Processes.
Create a share of high quality key-framed 3D character animation at a quality bar suitable for next-generation console development.
Consistently meet project deadlines in a timely manner without compromising artistic integrity.
Assist in the integration of animation with designers and engineers to create compelling in-game animation.
Work in a team-oriented environment and use organizational and interpersonal skills on a daily basis.

Has served as animation lead on at least one PS2/XBOX game that shipped.
Fluency in current 3D Animation software.
Knowledgeable on current gaming systems and tools and pipelines.

Experienced with Maya
Proven industry experience on at least one AAA project is a major plus.
Experience in having planned, scheduled and/or led animation teams in the games industry.

1. Email only. No visits or phone calls, please.
2. Send emails to: AnimJobs@sparkunlimited.com
3. The Subject line of your email must reference the job title and your name, like this:
Lead Animator: Last Name, First Name
4. Include your resume as an email attachment, preferably in Word format.
5. Make sure your resume also includes your name, address, phone, and email.
6. If appropriate, be sure to include a link to your Demo Reel or be sure to mail it.
7. If you would like to be considered for a position that is not listed, send your email to jobs@sparkunlimited.com. Be sure to list in the subject line the department for which you are applying along with your name, for example: Art: Last Name, First Name.

Please note, all submitted materials will not be returned.

Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Contact info:
15000 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 202
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
Phone: 818-788-1005
Fax: 818-788-8240
E-mail: AnimJobs@sparkunlimited.com
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