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Associate Producer job

Posted: April 25, 2006
subject: Associate Producer , Spark Unlimited, Inc.

Spark Unlimited, Inc. is looking for Associate Producer
duration - Full Time

Job details: Associate Producer Responsibilities
Day-to-day production schedule and planning.
Multiplayer task tracking.
Report in regularly to project Producer regarding ongoing status and plan for implementation of the multiplayer component.
Contribute to and/or assist Producer in current and future Product Development needs. Including but not limited to:
o maintaining and enhancing creative relationships with inside resources and external publishers, as well as independent contractors,
o reviewing and evaluating competitive products,
o evaluating product concepts and design,
o maintaining and enhancing necessary processes and procedures for product development.
Manage and/or assist Producer in the day-to-day production issues through analytic thinking and information gathering. Includes:
o breaking down large or complex projects into meaningful subprojects,
o assimilating diverse information and assessing the impact on each piece of the project as well as on the project as a whole,
o using project management software tools to develop detailed project plans and to track status,
o identifying all groups that may be affected by the project, and involving them, actively soliciting their input,
o holding regular meetings with the project team to discuss status,
o resolve issues and
o share information and ensuring a common understanding and agreement on the project scope and objectives and on any subsequent changes.

Passion for multiplayer gameplay and broad knowledge of titles and industry.
BS/BA degree
2+ years industry experience
Work well in a team environment
Attention to detail
Strong organization and communication skills
Consistently meet your own forecasted deadlines
Basic understanding of Microsoft Project software.
Excellent interpersonal, facilitations, communication and project management skills, process knowledge, attention to detail, timely follow-up and a strong capability to multitask and prioritize.
Ability to identify other business units with necessary technical knowledge and cultivate relationships.
Possess a significant knowledge of game formats and competing products
Have Multiplayer experience as a Test lead or Assistant/Associate Producer.
At least 1 title with Production experience from Xbox/Ps2/Gamecube/PC.

1. Email only. No visits or phone calls, please.
2. Send emails to: ProductionJobs@sparkunlimited.com
3. The Subject line of your email must reference the job title and your name, like this: Assoc. Producer: Last Name, First Name
4. Include your resume as an email attachment, preferably in Word format.
5. Make sure your resume also includes your name, address, phone, and email.
6. If appropriate, be sure to include a link to your Demo Reel or be sure to mail it.
7. If you would like to be considered for a position that is not listed, send your email to jobs@sparkunlimited.com. Be sure to list in the subject line the department for which you are applying along with your name, for example: Art: Last Name, First Name.

Please note, all submitted materials will not be returned.

Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Contact info:
15000 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 202
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
Phone: 818-788-1005
Fax: 818-788-8240
E-mail: ProductionJobs@sparkunlimited.com
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