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Art Director - High Profile title job

Posted: April 25, 2006
subject: Art Director - High Profile title , Semag

Semag is looking for Art Director - High Profile title

Job details: I am recruiting for a great games company in the UK. They are looking for an experience Art Director from either a Film or Games back ground. I cant say any thing about the project except its a new IP from a studio that has recently made some Great No.1 Selling titles. I would more than happily talk to anyone that is interested in this role and would like to find out more. If you send me an email with a brief outline of your experience then I will get in touch with you. This is a very well paid position. There is a certain amount of flexibility in the job spec as this is for the perfect candidate. (and is very long!)

If you like what you read then drop me an email ben@semag.co.uk

Career Pre-requisites
Art Directors need to be capable of balancing a project's creative and visual requirements with schedule, staff and budget limitations.
You must demonstrate an understanding of story-telling and design process as well as the ability to integrate them while ensuring that high production values are never compromised.
You must demonstrate an ability to present well and manage their teams as well as their clients (Production and Exec Mgmt.)
You should be creative people who are self-motivated.
If coming from outside the game industry, new hires will be expected to learn/understand how game-play and real-time issues can affect overall Art Direction and develop techniques to compensate for such limitations.

Portfolio/Reel must demonstrate:
Front End and Typography
Presentation skills
Breadth of creative styles.

Demonstrates an understanding of story-telling, craftsmanship and continuity.
Demonstrates an ability to inspire and lead junior staff while maintaining consistent work output.
Must be able to communicate effectively with Sr. and Jr. Studio staff.
Ability to balance impact of deadlines and resources with style and quality requirements of a title's Art Direction.
Story-telling skills.

Very good understanding of:
Design process and methodology and how it is integrated into game production.
Story-telling and how it applies to gaming.

Excellent understanding of:
Pre-production for most aspects of a video game.

Provides appropriate level of supervision to a team of 6-8 artists on a project or sub-team.
Establishes visual direction and productions standards for a small project or sub-team.
Responsible for researching and designing concepts for at least one of the following areas of a large project: Creatures, Environments, Storyboards, or Overall Look and Feel on a small project.
Creates Look/Feel boards, Style guide and Beat boards as appropriate.
On a larger title, writes appropriate sections of MDDs on a timely basis for a larger title; or the complete MDD for a small project.
Works under the supervision of an AD or a Senior AD.
Creates design strategies for products while maintaining integrity of licensed IP and licensor style guides.
Conducts reviews of Art Team with Art Production Managers and/or Development Directors.
Conducts critiques with clear and consistent direction to art team.

Expected to learn client management skills.
Location: UK


email - ben@semag.co.uk
phone - +44 (0) 208 1234803
web site - http://www.semag.co.uk
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