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Posted: April 25, 2006
subject: 3D Artist , Semag

Semag is looking for 3D Artist

Job details: We are currently looking for an experienced and motivated 3D Artists to join a team dedicated to developing the latest AAA console games who strive to create a harmonious, social and creative work environment with a focus on a long term relationship with their staff.

At the moment we are keen on details for character modeller for this role but we do require environment, TA and effects artists too.

General qualifications:
A passionate interest in computer games
Experience with modeling and texturing is a requirement
Experience with traditional art forms and media is a plus
Experience with drawing, painting and designing is a plus
Hands-on experience with next-generation game consoles is a big plus
Knowledge of 3DSMax and Zbrush a big plus
A formal art education is a big plus

To illustrate your modelling skills, please include renderings of individual models in wire-frame, grey-scale and fully textured versions including the textures that have been used.

To illustrate your texture skills, please include examples of textures for both single and multi-layered techniques.
Location: UK


email - ben@semag.co.uk
phone - +44 (0) 208 1234803
web site - http://www.semag.co.uk
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