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Posted: April 25, 2006
subject: Artist , Skywork Studios

Skywork Studios is looking for Artist
Starting Date: Immediately , duration - permanent

Job details: Looking for specialists in following fields:

1) Dynamics and Particles Artists:
Requirements - Knowledge of Maya, familiarity in working with complex particles like fire, water, dust, smoke, etc and dynamics like hair, cloth, etc. Knowledge of MEL is a plus.

2) 3D Lighting Artists:
Requirements - Knowledge of Maya, strong understanding of lighting principles. Mental ray/Renderman knowledge is preferred.3D Animators

3) 3D Animators:
Requirements - Knowledge of Maya, familiarity in working with complex controls and blend shapes. Knowledge of Rigging and MEL is a plus.

4) 2D Concept Artists:
Requirements Knowledge of principles of character profiles, 2D character animation. Knowledge of Photoshop is a plus. Also being able to create conceptual art is a great asset.

Artists are required to have good knowledge of Maya and must be a teamplayer. Knowledge of any other field is an asset.

Skywork Studios is a Canadian based development studio established in 2004 with a motive to revolutionize the world of computer graphics. Skyworks main stream work is in, VFX and 3D Animations, which utilizes our skilful artistry in techniques like Designing, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Compositing and Matte paintings. For animation work, we excel in complicated rigging with deformations, skinning, character animation with cloth, hair and background animations.

Since, its beginning, Skywork has evolved into a complete Designing, VFX and Animation studio, and working on full 3D animated feature as well as VFX for North American release movies. We are also co-producers on some of these North American projects planning for Hollywood release in near future.

Currently we are hiring for our studio located at Anand, Gujarat. Please send your demo reel/work samples and resume to jobs@skyworkstudios.com .
Location: Anand

email - jobs@skyworkstudios.com
phone - +91 2692 245283
address - Pravina, 14 Dena Parivar

388 001
web site - http://www.skyworkstudios.com
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