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Lead Character Animator job

Posted: April 19, 2006
subject: Lead Character Animator , Bungie

Bungie is looking for Lead Character Animator
duration - Full Time

Job details: Lead Character Animator What does the most dangerous alien creature of all time look like in a full sprint? What moves would you need to defeat an oncoming army? How would a 6-legged creature put on pants? If you can answer these questions AND animate the results, we'd like to hear from you. As a Senior/Lead Animator you will be responsible for concepting, animating, and communicating your ideas of how humans and creatures move, directing the animation process and managing the animation team.

Major Responsibilities

* Concept and finalize spectacular hand-keyed in-game and cinematic animation for a variety of characters, both human and creature.
* Lead the technical side of animation through custom character rigging and custom tools creation.
* Provide critique towards animation and have involvement in the creative process.
Drive and direct the animation system in collaboration with engineering staff.
* Lead and manage a team of animators towards efficient and aesthetic completion of tasks.

* Be an excellent character animator.
* Have an excellent aptitude for problem solving and possess an efficient workflow.
* Be able to work with a team.
* Be able to lead and manage a team of animators.
* Have experience with Alias' Maya animation software and MEL scripting.
* Have five years or more of professional games or motion picture animation experience.
* Would ideally have previous Lead Animator experience.
* Possess the ability to deliver and demand quality animation under extreme pressure and crushing deadlines.
* Must be willing to deliver animation direction and equally give and receive critique.
* Portfolio or demo reel that demonstrates an excellent breadth of hand-keyed animation skills, ranging from cartoony to real-world inspired motion.
* Portfolio animation examples should show both dynamic action analysis as well as character performance.
* Must have the desire to create great games.

Location: Kirkland, WA, United States

Contact info:
E-mail: jobs@bungie.com
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