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How They Do It ??

Posted: April 07, 2024
Mathieu Polo
Hello everybody !

I developed a concept for a series of humorous videos, the heart of which consists of animating in 3D a small humanoid character (approximately 70 cm high), in our real world, and who therefore interacts with real people. Planned publication frequency: 1 time per week. Budget: very low (around 500 euros in pre-production, then around 150 euros per month, let's say).

(I am a videographer and author but I have no skills in 3D)

Method that I had considered (and which respects this budget!): create a 3D model of the character, specifically for the Wonderdynamics site, which allows for motion capture, and also to transcribe the facial expressions of the actor.

Problems :
- mainly: the character's expressions and lip movements are not as well reproduced as I expected
- incidentally: we cannot make a character really covered in hair (hair is not correctly supported by Wonderdynamics) and the material which makes up the characters cannot be deformable (example: we cannot give the character a big soft belly which moves when the character jumps, everything is necessarily frozen).

Do you have any other ideas/advice to at least benefit from better facial expressions and a more faithful reproduction of lip movements?

However, I recently came across an Instragram channel which has a very similar visual concept with small characters (except that they are immersed in a 3D environment, but they might be able to transpose their character into the real world I think):
I find their rendering EXCELLENT and worthy of big studios:
- excellent facial expressions
- very natural mouth movements
- hairy and deformable bodies

It is really beautiful. And they have a very, very frequent publication frequency! Do you have any idea how they do it? How do they manage to create such a result without breaking the bank?

Thank you very much for your help and advices !

Posted: April 12, 2024
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