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Posted: October 01, 2021
Hi guys,

I cant put into words how effin' exhausted I am for typing this effin post for the 3rd time now. The first attempt of writing this, the page just closed before I finished, the second time, i said "f_ck, now I am writing this for the 2nd time" and by submitting, it told me that there are no curse words allowed and I need to edit my post. There was just no edit button, though. So. Here we go. AGAIN. yay.

I've been browsing on fiverr for a while now, since I always wanted to fulfill this dream of mine that, eventually, I'd have some sort of animated music video that just looks like a pixar movie. A bit too much to ask for though, since I am not super wealthy or something.

BUT: there he was. this cheap seller that offers 2d / 3d modeling animations for videos. Had a very lovely reference video I liked. I sent him a request, asking if he was able to figure something similar out for a 2:30 min music video. Told him that I'd write the storybook and all that and that it would be me and person x that needs to be created. He said yes and, after negotiating a little, we shook hands on doing it for 500 bucks. Hella cheap, I thought, but maybe he's trying to build a business here. No reviews yet, but sometimes you just gotta trust people, right?

We talked and he asked me to "choose the quality" I wanted to roll with and sent 12 images. Unfortunately, they were all looking like a poorly remastered GTA: San Andreas Character, or some sort of "The Sims", but it's a buggy Wallace & Gromit Expansion Pak. Maybe even a Tony Hawk Pro Skater kind of quality, but with the glitchy THPS 5 vibes.

So I got concerned: What if this person just stole the content he uploaded on his fiverr and what if this will all end up fishy? I told him that I'd be willing to pay 50 bucks in advance, if he sends me a sample of the first character. He said yes and I sent him some pictures of me that I usually use for Spotify and the press and whatsoever. So be sure, the quality of those was just fine. "3-4 days" he said.

MAYBE I am just overly careful, MAYBE I have no clue about all of this 3D modeling and MAYBE it has to look this awful in the beginning to look good in the late game, but.. I think this is just too far away from what he has been offering on the net. So I really need some of you well experienced geniuses to give me some feedback on this, because otherwise I might lose 500 bucks for a lousy 3D video.

This is his fiverr reference:

This is one of the pictures I've sent him:


This is what he made out of it:


Long story short: Am I stupid? Is this the normal process?? Please help me out!
Posted: October 02, 2021
3d artist gallery Andyba
Hi eleesuh.
In theory it's possible to achieve the video quality the artist shows in his fiverr preview with the model he is presenting to you.
It's more a matter of lighting, rendering settings, textures and animation quality.
At this point you should worry about this character being similar to you.
But to be honest only the creation of a custom rigged character similar to a person that is suitable for video production would cost you $1000+ that's not including the animation and video.
Posted: January 21, 2023
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