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3D Artist - Architectural Renderings (remote work) job

Posted: March 06, 2021
Alpha Vision is looking for 3D Artist - Architectural Renderings (remote work)

Job details: Renowned for its culture of excellence and its cutting-edge technology, Alpha Vision is a SME company in technology with the mission to produce innovative tools (virtual reality, interactive products, …) for major home builders to present and configure houses for their clients. These applications and tools are used by millions of internet users. Join our dynamic team! www.alpha-vision.com

From building plans, site plans and technical specifications provided by the customer and with 2D, 3D softwares, the 3D designer will produce photorealistic images and scenes of immersive virtual realities of houses and environments for future real estate projects. More specifically, he will be responsible for :

Create photorealistic renderings and environments:
• Clean and import CAD plans used as reference;
• Model the exterior and interior 3D houses and buildings;
• Work with Vray for design, views, materials and lighting scenes;
• Create high quality textures (materials and finishes);
• Create 2D (Matte Painting) environments and unique atmospheres styles for each client needs.

Create scenes of immersive virtual realities:
• Set furniture locations and apply colours and textures with 3dsMax;
• Import and optimize elements of interior scenes with Unreal Engine;
• Work textures, materials and lighting with Unreal Engine;
• Test interactivity, collisions and find bugs in virtual reality environment.

Why join us?
• A work environment with incredible team spirit!
• A modern and comfortable workplace!
• Flexibility with remote work!
• Breathtaking image!
• Optimized working methods!
• A reference in the industry!

• Diploma in 3D, architecture or interior design;
• Excellent knowledge of 3dsMax and Photoshop;
• Good knowledge of Unity ou Unreal;
• Knowledge of Autocad;
• Ability to read CAD plans and to visualize in 3D;
• Skills in drawings, composition and color scheme;
• Interest in architectural renderings and environments;
• Spoken french;
• Portfolio with architectural renderings;
• Team spirit and passion!

Location: Laval, Qc. (Canada)

Contact info:
email - marie.roberge@alpha-vision.com
phone - 5144165875
address - 440 Armand-Frappier Suite 250
web site - www.alpha-vision.com
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