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Subject: Hide edges with UV Mapping In 3d Studio Max.
Forum : 3D Modeling Forum
Posted : February 21, 2012
Hey im having a problem in rendering my model. Its low poly and the edges are showing up. Ive seen a lot of guys mapping

lowpoly but their edges are not showing. The edges that im talking about is ...
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Subject: How Add Arabic Text in 3ds MAX
Forum : General CG Talk
Posted : May 21, 2011
Hi, any idea how to add arabic text in 3ds max 2009 ? please suggest, thanks.
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Subject: human texturing using vray..?
Forum : 3D Texturing Forum
Posted : March 30, 2011
hi.. does anybody know where i can find tutorial about how to do texturing and rendering human figure using vray..?
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Subject: texture libraries
Forum : 3D Texturing Forum
Posted : March 30, 2011
http://www.all3dmodel.com/Home.aspx is another good outlet that will let you access the textures for free.
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Subject: glass reflection ?
Forum : 3D Rendering
Posted : January 04, 2011
glass reflection ?

how to make good exterior glass for commercial buildings in vraypls share settings also

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Subject: Materials saving problem ?
Forum : 3D Texturing Forum
Posted : December 25, 2010
I'm sure this question has been asked before but I've searched and I have yet to find the answer. Im

working on a group project in Max 2011 and I need to save out the material library I've made so ...
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Subject: Keys for Reactor water
Forum : 3D Animation Talk
Posted : December 03, 2010
I have created a wave effect with reactor water (by dropping an object in

it) and created the rest of the animation according to the necessary timing.
For some reason, I need to insert some more ...
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Subject: 3ds max freezing issue
Forum : 3D Modeling Forum
Posted : October 25, 2010
I donít know if anyone else has had this problems too. But here goes:

3ds max 2010 and 2011 both stops responding or starts to lag a lot whenever I press the play button in the animation contr ...
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Subject: Saving a Render
Forum : 3D Rendering
Posted : September 01, 2010
Saving a Render
Why is it that when I render my drawing every thing looks great, but when I save it as a jpeg it gets real fuzzy. I am pretty new at 3ds max so any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Subject: 60 Tips and Tricks on how to speed up rendering
Forum : 3D Rendering
Posted : August 21, 2010
60 Tips and Tricks on how to speed up rendering
1.) as much as possible limit ur polycount to minimum.
the more poly the slower the rendering.

2.) if ur using vray, always proxy the ones with hig ...
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Subject: 3ds,zbruh,texturing help
Forum : 3D Modeling Forum
Posted : August 16, 2010
I Everyone want to learn more about 3d modelling but i really don't know where to start.I'm the

king of noobs in 3ds and zbrush and in texturing i really don't know where to start.Can someone

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Subject: 3dsMax-autocad question
Forum : 3D Modeling Forum
Posted : August 03, 2010
Hi guys any suggestion how to build a house in max with DWG file ? thanks
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Subject: Car texturing
Forum : 3D Texturing Forum
Posted : August 02, 2010
hi, i have modelled a car 3d max and need to create the rust effect and scratches on the body

such that it appears underneath the carpaint, any help would be appreciated.
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Subject: Fire text effect in 3ds max
Forum : 3D Animation Talk
Posted : July 24, 2010

Can anyone give tutorials on text with fire on it which is animating.

thank u.
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Subject: 3ds max wireframe render ?
Forum : 3D Rendering
Posted : July 20, 2010

I know how to render a wireframe image from 3ds max but what i want is a plugin or technique through which i can

apply/project/overlay a clean wireframe over my 3d models the problem is my ...
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Subject: UV unwrapping
Forum : 3D Texturing Forum
Posted : July 14, 2010
I have a 3D model of a sci-fi tank. I want to texture it so I apply a Unwrap UVW and then open the editor and

select the object, but when I go to mapping > flatten mapping, it is greyed out. It ...
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Subject: 3D Studio Max Keyboard shortcuts.
Forum : 3D Rendering
Posted : July 07, 2010
Snaps Action Table :
Snap To Edge/Segment Toggle : Alt+F10
Snap To Endpoint Toggle : Alt+F8
Snap To Face Toggle : Alt+F11
Snap To Grid Points Toggle : Alt+F5
Snap To Midpoint Toggle : Alt+F9
Sna ...
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Subject: Camera following circle path problem
Forum : 3D Animation Talk
Posted : July 02, 2010
how to make the target camera to follow a circle path with a complete round? i had tried several time but the camera keep reversing back to the initial point without completing the circle path.
Thank ...
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Subject: Find material that is missing a file
Forum : 3D Texturing Forum
Posted : July 01, 2010
Hey everyone,

Currently when I open my scene it is telling me that one of my materials is missing a file. I know this since I deleted an object that was using the material and then deleted the mate ...
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Subject: 3ds MAX: Tips And Trick For Texturing/Materials
Forum : 3D Texturing Forum
Posted : June 29, 2010
1. To remove an assigned material from a mesh, drag the NONE material from the 'Material/Map Browser' via the 'Material Editor' on to your mesh, or use the UVW Remove utility in the utilities panel (c ...
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Subject: 15 Tips and Trick for 3Ds Max
Forum : 3D Modeling Forum
Posted : June 27, 2010
Tip 1
Did you know that "architectural materials" and "self illuminated" materials are light emitting (for Mental Ray & Vray) ? If you apply them on a box you will get a simi ...
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Subject: problem with vray sp4
Forum : 3D Rendering
Posted : June 26, 2010

i just recently upgraded from sp2 to sp4, everything works great in sp4, except that all my files form sp2, when i load them, it first tells me that it was made in a previous version, and if i ...