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Subject: 3D Monitor Support
Forum : 3d Graphics Hardware Forum
Posted : September 11, 2012
I think Blender would work with 3D monitor.

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Subject: 3d design....world peace
Forum : 3D Art Work In Progress
Posted : September 11, 2012
Great stuff,
It seems you have done too much hard work on it. The message for design is also good.
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Subject: 3D Rendering of Wedding Cake - $100-$200
Forum : 3D Services
Posted : September 11, 2012
It's looking beautiful. I like your work.
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Subject: Where to start off with 3D animation!?
Forum : 3D Animation Talk
Posted : September 11, 2012
Blender is affordable.. being free.
Another suggestion would be try out trials of all the well supported apps out there, see which one you feel most comfortable working with, then save up and invest ...