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SandSei Radar Truck Front365 viewsThis is a terrain target for my scifi-aircraft game. This is the SandSei Radar truck. Usually lead scout trucks for feul and material convoys through the vast sand barrens. It is built to take heavy storms and firepower as well. This truck is using with a radar collector, but the SandSei Bed cargo bay can be easily swapped to hold various other goods and equipment.
Fokker SA-183 TPe WIP 90%222 views90%: Complete Due very Soon *5/4/11
Peterbilt 359 Truck Cab & Trailer Low Poly151 viewsPeterbilt 359 Truck Cab & Trailer Low Poly 3D Vehicle Model. Full view visit http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/176/d/1/peterbilt_359_low_poly_model_by_mxronin-d6aiioj.jpg
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