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All textures downloaded from 3dmd.net can be used under the following license.

This license confers the right to use textures owned by 3dmd.net in free and commercial productions.

The user may make unlimited use of the textures in animations, games and other projects that don't brake the following rule:

1. If the user market or redistribute the texture with their project as in a real time game or simulation, the 3dmd.net project should be included in the credits. If technicaly possible a link to 3dmd.net should be also included.

It is not allowed to sell or redistribute the textures as a competing product - by itself, as texture packs or as scrapbooking packs, not even when the textures are modified.

Any violations of these terms will be punishable by law and will constitute grounds for the immediate cancellation of the license for use of 3dmd.net textures.