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Category Albums Files
3D Art GalleryThe 3D Art Gallery contains a large collection of 3D art works uploaded by various 3D artists and designers.
187 592
3D References and BlueprintsFree high definition photo references and blueprints for 3D artists organized in categories.
Animal photosHundreds of Animal Photos from different angles with animals in different posses. The photos were specially made to be good references for 3d modeling and animation.
34 524
Human Hand PhotosGreat photo references for human hands 3D modeling and animation
1 59
Human Head PhotosHuman Head photo references for 3D artists
4 64
Military Photo ReferencesHigh Resolution Photo References of military vehicles and weapons for 3D artists. Here you can find photos of tanks, military planes, cannons and much more.
6 262
Free Textures for 3D artistsHigh quality textures for 3D artists - arranged in categories - some of them tile seamlessly - all textures are free to download and use in commercial and free projects.
Architectural 3D TexturesA collection of high quality Architectural 3D textures. All textures are manually prepared from photos to fit for texturing 3D objects, some of them form seamless tiling in one or both directions. Great for Architectural Visualization and game graphics. Includes 3D textures of architectural elements such as - Door Textures, Window Textures and various Wall texture maps.
12 91
Character and Organic TexturesCollections of organic textures including tileable skin and leather texture maps as well as eye and hair textures with transparency masks. Available for free download and use in commercial and personal projects.
2 89
Fabric Texture LibraryDifferent seamless Cloth textures for 3D rendering. Free tileable towel fabric texture maps, jeans textures maps, wool textures and more.

3 182
Free Food TexturesA collection of free food texture maps including various fruits and vegetable textures, seed texture maps and cooked food 3d textures. Some textures a processed to be tileable.
3 24
Free Metal TexturesFree metal texture library containing seamless painted metal textures, old rusty metal textures and brushed metal textures. Some texture maps tile seamlessly.
3 12
Free Wood Texture LibraryHigh quality 3D textures of wood, tree bark and deal boards designed for texturing 3D objects, some of textures form seamless tiles.
7 67
Ground Texture MapsA collection of seamless ground textures like, grass textures, tileable pavement and sidewalk textures, and asphalt texture maps.
3 18
Leaf Texture CollectionA huge collection of Plant and Tree Leaf Texture maps with relevant transparency mask files. All the Leaf Textures are free to download and use. Please look for transparency mask files in the end of each album.
34 824
Misc Object TexturesTextures of different objects specially designed for texturing 3d models. Free download.
3 13
Sky TexturesTextures of Sky, Clouds, Sunsets and more.
1 13
2,834 files in 399 albums and 33 categories with 148 comments viewed 2,271,902 times

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