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combat chic976 viewssoftware use :
Autodesk Maya - model
render (mental ray)

Megs Empinado
3d Artist
08/15/10 at 12:08Andyba: Wow! This is a great 3d model. The only thing that...
Angelina Front531 viewsAngelina Front
Work In Progress
08/15/10 at 12:03Andyba: Nice 3d model. It really looks like Angelina.
Dining for Two373 viewsI made this scene after spending a week in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic with my wife on our second honeymoon.01/11/10 at 01:05Andyba: Nice Rendering and composition!
Congrats on ha...
GT293 viewsThis is my highpoly car modeling work .03/30/09 at 03:43Andyba: Wow!!! Amazing car 3d model!
How much time did yo...
Obama259 views03/25/09 at 17:26Andyba: Nice! Obama 3d model. What did you use it for?
Jiminy353 views03/25/09 at 17:16Andyba: Is this 3d? It looks like a real toy
889 views02/26/09 at 15:55Andyba: I love the design and rendering!
5 stars from me!
Cityscape3040 viewswww.taylorjames.com 02/16/09 at 04:01Andyba: Wow! This is amazing work! It resembles a bit the ...
Ring608 viewswww.3Davj.com01/09/09 at 10:13Andyba: I love this one.
Accurate 3d modeling and renderi...
Armored minotaur work in progress589 viewsHere I decided to add some armor to my minotaur.
It's still work in progress.
12/29/08 at 12:38Andyba: well this model is for real time games.
But th...
3D characters1405 viewswww.3Davj.com12/26/08 at 16:02Andyba: Nice piggie Is it for real time games or video?...
Row Machine366 viewsRow Machine that I designed in 3DS Max7 for a local gym. Designed to total accuracy from pics I took of the actual machine.11/07/05 at 15:48Admin: Nice modeling here. Again some environment and goo...
Chip Set 13 Skylite.jpg
Poker Chip Set993 viewsPoker Chip Set designed and textured in 3DS Max 7. Lots of detail. 11/07/05 at 15:47Admin: Heh, interesting image!
BMX Freestyle Bike2918 viewsDesigned in 3DS Max 7 with detail.11/07/05 at 15:46Admin: The model itself is nice. Some nice environment an...
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