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3D Modeler Needed

Posted: April 13, 2011
anonymous is looking for 3D Modeler Needed

Starting Date: asap, duration - ongoing

Job details: To whom it may concern,

I am writing on behalf of a company that would like to commission a quantity of 3D models on an ongoing basis. Can you please send me a price quote for building and position matching simple objects within their reference scenes/frames? No texture mapping is needed.

Objects include:
+ a normal drinking glass
+ a car tire
+ an open book
+ a baseball bat
+ a vase
+ a toy rocket
+ another roughly 125 models of similar complexity (all relatively simple forms).

Also, please estimate how quickly 10 models of this complexity can be delivered from the moment you receive all necessary reference images.



Requirements: Overall structure position matched but don\'t need details like valve stem, tire tread, etc

Polygon count:
5k-30k as needed
Can go below 5k for very simple objects

3DS format (with OBJ and/or DAE as options)

Output size:
1080p HD and beyond

Need to match object and camera position for each image/frame we send, most frames will average 1-2 objects in them

Location: USA...but working remotely is OK

Contact info:
email - aaron@aarondistler.com
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