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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Helmets 3d Modeling job

Posted: October 08, 2010
Clay Orr is looking for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Helmets 3d Modeling

Job details: I\\\'m looking for someone to model the MMPR helmets for me. I am looking to build the helmets using pepakura and am in need of the rendering of the helmets done so I can start on them.

I have already built a the Green Ranger helmet out of Pepakura and have attached an link of the kind of model I\\\'m looking for.

I am only looking for the Blue Ranger helmet at the time and if it works and the helmet turns out good, then I might in the market for the rest of the helmets.

I have never contracted someone for a job like this before and I\\\'m new to the forum but I was recommended by fellow prop makers to try this place. So I have no idea what a helmet commission would range for price wise, but I\\\'m sure we can cut a deal.

Requirements: I am looking for someone who maybe has used pepakura before or done some kind of work with prop making before.

Location: Over the internet. Just looking to be emailed the file after it\'s done.

Contact info:
email - crorr@valdosta.edu
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