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Environment Modeler job

Posted: August 09, 2006
subject: Environment Modeler , Liquid Entertainment

Liquid Entertainment is looking for Environment Modeler
duration - Full Time

Job details: Environment Modeler 3-D Environment Modeler/Texture Artist


- Solid understanding of composition and form.
- Ability to model, texture, and unwrap models in 3DStudio Max (or equivalent).
- Ability to create normal maps using a combination of high-poly modeling and painted bump maps using Photoshop (or equivalent).
- Great attention to detail.
- Solid understanding of color theory.
- The ability to paint textures as well as use photo-source where applicable.
- Work and communicate well in a close team environment.
- 2 to 3 years game experience.
- Able to work full time in Pasadena, CA.
- A passion for games and game development.


- Ability to communicate ideas through 3d or 2d concept art.
- Experience using Unreal technology (or other world building applications).
- Experience developing games for Next-generation Consoles.
Location: Pasadena, CA, United States

Contact info:
245 S Los Robles Ave, Suite 400
Pasadena, CA 91101
E-mail: jobs@liquidentertainment.net
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